Hackathon Cassini Estonia
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    Discover your city

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    Staying fit & healthy

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    Protecting our rural areas

Hack with a purpose from
18-20 June

Leverage #EUSpace data & signals to access, understand and protect our natural spaces. 

Put your skills to the test and tackle one of our three challenges under the theme of
Digitising Green Spaces.

Get involved
Get involved

In Baltic region the CASSINI Hackathon Estonia will be organised by Garage48. We build communities of like-minded people who work with each other to build solutions that make an impact!

Whether you are an experienced hacker or a first-timer, we will help you take your idea to the next level! Come and join our community With our extensive hackathon experience, we have an amazing network of mentors, partners and experts that will help you build solutions you’re passionate about. 

Mentoring & Work space

The top teams of the CASSINI Hackathon Estonia can win up to €2,000 worth of mentoring by ESA BIC Estonia, as well as one month's access to S2B Work Space by Tartu Science Park.

Top 3 overall winners of 1st CASSINI Hackathon will receive 100 hours of mentoring each.

Other prizes!

Our hackers will have the opportunity to win:

  • Online tickets to the biggest early-stage business festival in the Baltics - sTARTUp Day 2021 which will bring together up to 4000 entrepreneurs
  • Tickets to I Land Sound festival, a sustainable and green festival on the island of Orissaare in July 2021 
  • 5 extra points to climate-positive ideas for teams based in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia which decide to apply for EIT Climate-KIC Baltic & Slovakia ClimAccelerator acceleration program starting on September 6th.
  • TOP 3 teams will win vouchers for FREE Tuul rides! 
The hackathon agenda

In addition to the live stream from the virtual hub, the CASSINI Hackathon Estonia has dedicated sessions with our local experts. Tune in at any time to listen to panel discussions, training sessions, and much more from both the Estonian live stream and the virtual hub! Discover our key touch points below:

June 18 Friday
18:00 CEST

Meet & Greet

19:00 CEST

Welcome session

20:00 CEST

Get started at your local hackathon

June 19 Saturday
09:00 CEST

Kickstart session

9:45 CEST

Start to hack morning show

10:40 CEST

Diving into our green spaces

13:30 CEST

The data & challenges collide

14:45 CEST

Discover Galileo & EGNOS

17:00 CEST

Meet the other teams

18:00 CEST

Evening activities

June 20 Sunday
09:00 CEST

Reboot session

09:15 CEST

Copernicus & the CREODIAS

10:00 CEST

Start-ups using EU space technologies

15:00 CEST

Out in space evening show

17:45 CEST

Closing session

Meet our mentors

The following experts will mentor teams over the hackathon weekend:

Helen Kokk
Helen Kokk
Creative Lead at a Leading Design and Software agency, Nortal. UX / UI designer with 15 years experience. Passionate about entrepreneurship. Garage48 design mentor.
Jana Saastamoinen
Jana Saastamoinen
CMO of sTARTUp Day 2021; Digital Channels & Brand Specialist at Tartu 2024
Ilya Bolkhovsky
Ilya Bolkhovsky
CEO of Rexplorer, a platform that analyses natural conditions, restrictions, and costs for renewable energy production. Experienced in product management. Copernicus Masters 2020 Finalist.
Robin Salouks
Robin Salouks
CEO & co-founder in eAgronom, a platform that makes intuitive high-tech decision-making tools accessible to grain farmers to plan, manage and analyze their activities. eAgronom aims to fight climate change with soil carbon.
Luciano Rocca
Luciano Rocca
Associate Scientist, EO59
Mihkel Pajusalu
Mihkel Pajusalu
Head of Space Technology Department and Associate Professor, Space Technology, Tartu Observatory
Kadri Kõivik
Kadri Kõivik
Member of the Board and Senior Project Manager, Garage48
Triin Preem
Triin Preem
Freelance Innovator
About the organiser

Garage48 is a hackathon start-up series with a global reach, turning your idea into a working prototype. We have successfully organised more than 200 hackathons in 52 cities, 28 countries and online all across the globe, with more than 2,500 ideas pitched and more than 1,000 prototypes built. We hack globally and have recently organised Hack the Crisis India, EU - Africa Hackathon and the Global Hack. Our work is driven by the purpose of empowering you with all the necessary resources to implement your ideas, solve local and global challenges, enrich the startup ecosystems all across the globe and make an impact!

Garage48 launched its SpaceTech series in 2016 as a cross-Baltic event, organising 5 hackathons and 2 bootcamps in the space field. The hackathons welcomed 450 participants to deliver 55 working prototypes of solutions in the space technology field. For over 5 years, we have been building and expanding a community around space technology development across the Baltics.


Sponsors / Partners

Garage48 has a unique network of partners that include the biggest names in the European start-up scene - Bolt, Pipedrive and many more. Our partners and mentors invest their time and resources to make a headway on solving challenges you're passionate about. Throughout the hackathon, together with our partners, we share unique industry insights and provide access to experienced professionals who are ready to support you along your way from an idea to a working prototype!

Cleantech ForEST

Cleantech ForEst is the Estonian cleantech sector development powerhouse, with the team having built the local ecosystem aiming at empowering research and innovation towards impactful and systematic sustainability. The core activities range from policy development and raising awareness of impact of new technologies, to delivering high quality accelerator programs, gathering all founders of cleantech startups in a think tank, and aiding innovators to scale.

EAS Enterprise Estonia

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) is an Estonian governmental agency that supports: business model development and innovation acceleration, trade development, raising foreign direct investments, attracting foreign talent, and developing tourism. With offices in 17 foreign markets, Enterprise Estonia serves as a bridge between the Estonian business environment and the world.

EIT Climate-KIC

EIT Climate-KIC is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon, climate-resilient society. Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, we identify and support innovation that helps society mitigate and adapt to climate change. We bring together partners in the worlds of business, academia, and the public and non-profit sectors to create networks of expertise, through which innovative products, services and systems can be developed, brought to market and scaled-up for impact.

Estonian Space Office

Estonian Space Office is the unit established within Enterprise Estonia by the Government of Estonia to facilitate membership in the European Space Agency and related commercial and research ties.

The Republic of Estonian Environmental Agency

The Republic of Estonian Environmental Agency is a state agency managed by the Ministry of the Environment. The Environment Agency implements the national environmental monitoring programs, prepares national and international reports in the field of the environment, provides assessments of the state of the environment, provides vital services, including weather forecasting, and maintains and upgrades monitoring stations, tools and equipment.

LAIK: Latvian Space Industry Association

LAIK: Latvian Space Industry Association promotes the development of Latvian space industry companies, to stimulate cooperation between Latvian space industry companies and to facilitate Latvia's successful inclusion in the full membership of the European Space Agency (ESA).

The University of Tartu - Tartu Observatory

The University of Tartu Tartu Observatory conducts research and experimental development on natural sciences to promote science in the fields of astronomy, remote sensing and space technology, provides research-based services in these areas, is a reliable partner in the international networks, trains young scientists and extend the natural-scientific worldview.

RTU Design Factory

RTU Design Factory works with interdisciplinary student and researcher teams to solve real-life challenges from various industries. They develop scientific equipment, demonstration models or fully functional prototypes to support scientists and staff of RTU.

Tartu Science Park

Tartu Science Park is a platform where start-up companies are nurtured into global businesses. It is the first science park in the Baltics, founded in 1992 by Tartu city, county and two universities. For over 27 years, Tartu Science Park has supported business innovation activities in the region by offering rental space and infrastructure, business support and incubation services.

ESA Business Incubation Center Estonia

European Space Agency (ESA) BIC Estonia is part of the Europe-wide ESA BIC network, offering access to ESA expertise, knowledge and data, laboratory and testing facilities of the participating universities and hands-on business development support from the Incubation Centre teams. ESA BIC Estonia helps to transfer technology from space to non-space applications and supports 20 Estonian startups over 5 years to develop products for terrestrial use.


I Land Sound is a sustainable and green festival on the island of Orissaare happening on 15-19th of July 2021.


sTARTUp Day is the most startup-minded business festival, bringing together startups, traditional entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and students. The aim of the event is to connect like-minded people and celebrate entrepreneurship in the smart city of Tartu.


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