CASSINI Hackathon Iceland

Hack with a purpose at the CASSINI Hackathon Iceland on 5-7 Nov 2021!

Leverage #EUSpace data & signals to understand and protect the Arctic region. Put your skills to the test and tackle one of the three challenges under the theme of Connecting the Arctic.

  1. Safe passage at sea
  2. Life on land
  3. Caring for our wildlife
Get involved
Get involved

Join the CASSINI Hackathon Iceland in Reykjavik and explore how EU Space data could be used to Connect the Arctic and protect its wildlife. This hackathon will be a physical event, so you can join in person!

Teams will be presented with 3 challenges which will test their creative skills and imagination from the very first brainstorm. They will use data from Copernicus, Galileo and EGNOS to imagine game-changing solutions and will win career-changing prizes along the way!

Win up to €5,000!

The top teams of the CASSINI Hackathon Iceland will receive up to €5,000!

  • 1st place at the Icelandic Hackathon will win €5,000 and be featured on the ‘Reykjavik Grapevine‘ Youtube channel. 
  • The 2nd and 3rd placed participants will win €2,000 and €1,000 respectively. 


The top 3 teams across all hackathons will be awarded with an additional +100 hours of expert mentoring. 

Discover the Hackathon with the Big Ideas Campaign

Excited about the upcoming Hackathon? Learn more at our info sessions and workshops that will equip you with all the tools you need to succeed. You’ll also have the chance to meet other hackers who have signed up for the hackathon and form your team!

October 25 Monday
15:00 GMT (Central Hub)
20:00 GMT

Meet up party

October 26 Tuesday
15:00 GMT (Central Hub)
16:00 GMT (Central Hub)
October 27 Wednesday
15:00 GMT (Central Hub)
October 28 Thursday
16:00 GMT (Central Hub)
Meet our mentors

The following experts will mentor the teams over the hackathon weekend:

Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson
Chair of Advisory Board on ESA/Iceland relations at Space Iceland, former Member of Parliament
Ari Kristinn Jónsson
President of Reykjavik University and former NASA scientist
Bala Kamallaharan
Founder & CEO of Startup Iceland
Paula Gould
Paula Gould
Founder & Consultant, Float and gather ehf.
Stefán Baxter
Stefán Baxter
Founder & CEO of Quicklookup
Daniel Leeb
Daniel Leeb
Founding partner & executive mission director at the ISA
About the organiser

Startup Iceland is a non-profit organisation that regularly hosts events related to entrepreneurship and innovation. The goal of Startup Iceland is to create a sustainable startup ecosystem that will nurture Icelandic companies for years to come.

Sponsors / Partners

This hackathon is supported by the following sponsors and partners:

reykjavik uni

Reykjavik University

uni of iceland

University of Iceland



iceland space agency

Iceland Space Agency




Arctic Circle


Nordic Innovation

Loop - Circular Economy Ecosystem

Loop - Circular Economy Ecosystem


The Icelandic Centre for Research


Marel | Food processing solutions