CASSINI Hackathon Denmark

Join The CASSINI Hackathon Denmark on 12-14 May 2022!

Use #EUSpace data & signals to build sustainable solutions to global issues while reshaping the travel & tourism industry for a better future.

Put your skills to the test and tackle one of three unique challenges to help create a resilient and digitally oriented tourism industry. Let's (Re)Visit Europe in style.

  1. Find sustainable destinations
  2. Experiencing cities and cultures
  3. Exploring nature with care
Get involved
Get involved

The CASSINI Hackathon Denmark will take place in the city of Aarhus. Join to explore how EU Space data could be used to develop innovative solutions that revitalise European tourism.

Teams will be presented with 3 challenges that test their creative skills and imagination from the very first brainstorm. They will be using data from Copernicus, Galileo and EGNOS to imagine game-changing solutions and win career-changing prizes along the way!

Important: Only physical, in-person participation is possible for this hackathon location.


  • €1,000 Cash prize
  • Exclusive mentoring and incubation package for start-ups from The Kitchen


The top 3 teams across all hackathons will be awarded an additional 100 hours of expert mentoring.

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Meet our experts

Gain cutting-edge insights from some of the brightest minds in the business

Christoffer Karoff
Christoffer Karoff
Space Entrepreneur and Associate Professor
Lasse Chor
Lasse Chor
Entrepreneur and Investor
Linda M. Pedersen
Linda M. Pedersen
Maria Garde
Maria Garde
Entrepreneur and Game Producer
About the organiser

This edition, the hackathon in Denmark will be organised by Happy42 and The Kitchen.

As a start-up incubator based at Aarhus University, The Kitchen has a wealth of unrivalled experience helping start-ups in every stage of their development, across a wide range of industries. The Kitchen is currently helping approximately 175 start-ups flourish in the local area and beyond.

The hackathon will also be supported by Happy42, an Aarhus-based innovation company with experience in over 300 global hackathons.


The CASSINI Hackathon Denmark will take place at The Kitchen: Universitetsbyen 14, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark. Only physical, in-person participation is possible for this hackathon location.

Sponsors / Partners
This hackathon is supported by the following sponsors and partners:
The Kitchen
Aarhus University