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Dany Robberecht
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Benoit De Vrieze
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Verhaert Masters In Innovation

Hackathon Media

Congratulations to the 3 winners of the 6th CASSINI Hackathon!

10th Nov 2023

Our 6th CASSINI Hackathon concludes with the awarding of our winners!

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6th CASSINI Hackathon: Lending a hand to international development & humanitarian aid

12th Oct 2023

Despite progress made in recent years, millions of people around the world still lack access to basic life necessities, hindering their ability to

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6th CASSINI Hackathon

Meet the local organisers making a difference at the 6th CASSINI Hackathon

12th Oct 2023

The Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid CASSINI Hackathon is set for 3-5 November 2023!

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International Development & Humanitarian Aid


Who can take part in the CASSINI Hackathons?

Any person of legal age who resides in an EU Member State, Norway, Switzerland or Iceland.


Where can I register?

Registration will be open for the 6th CASSINI Hackathon on 1st of September.


Do I have to register with a team?

No, not at all. All participants must register as an individual and form the team after registering using the hackathon platform. Instructions will be provided after the registration process is complete.


Do I have to know how to code to participate?

No, we encourage anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship, nature, and EU space technologies to participate. Bring your creative, business or design skills to a team!


Can I apply if I have no knowledge of Copernicus, Galileo or EGNOS data and signals?

Yes! We will provide you with the relevant training and access to data that you will need to succeed - even without prior knowledge.


Can I apply if I don’t have a concept in mind prior to the hackathon?

Yes! Before the hackathon comes The Big Idea campaign. This week-long series of events will set the scene and allow participants to meet and form teams (if they haven't already done so). This provides the opportunity for teams and participants to brainstorm ideas, share thoughts and pitch their ideas. It is not required to have a concept or idea in mind prior to application.


If there is no hackathon organised in my country, can I apply to the nearest one?

Yes. The 6th CASSINI Hackathon will be held in a hybrid form in each location unless otherwise stated on the Location pages. We will confirm the final event formats for each location at a later date, which will be dependant on local coronavirus regulations. Your health and safety is our top priority. If you do not intend to travel to the hackathon, but still wish to participate, please register and indicate that you will participate virtually. We will contact you in case that this is not possible.


Am I the sole owner of the project I develop during the hackathon?

The ownership of any Intellectual Property (IP) developed by participants during and within the scope of the hackathon will remain with the team of participants or the individual team members. Please make sure that you have an agreement within your team about the assignment of IP rights for the IP developed within the scope of the hackathon and about the use or (re-)assignment of any pre-existing IP rights that individual team members bring in.

How do I apply to become a local organiser?

For information on how apply for future CASSINI Hackathons, take a look at our Collaborate as an organiser page for more information and to apply.


When will I know if we have been selected?

Selection will take place on the first week of June 2023. You will be informed mid June if your application has been successful.


Am I responsible for setting the hackathon’s theme and challenges?

No. Each edition will have a central theme and challenges. As a local organiser, you can choose to focus on one or more of the specific challenges, but it is not possible to set your own.


Do I need to have partners and sponsors for our local hackathon?

No. Partners and sponsors are not an eligibility requirement, however, you are encouraged to make your hackathon as engaging and interesting as possible. We therefore recommend you consider including partners and sponsors as a part of your application.


What support will I receive as a local organiser?

Local organisers will benefit from a support package worth 35,000 euro. This includes:

  • A general expense budget of EUR 24,000 for any costs that are real and directly related to the provision of the services. 
  • A communication & promotion package with a value of EUR 10,000 that will be provided in kind and centrally coordinated.
  • A technical support package with a value of EUR 1,000 with a laptop, audio-visual equipment and video capture and streaming software that will be provided in kind for the duration of one hackathon.


Do I need to provide tools to hackers as an organiser?

There is a centrally organised participant toolkit that each hacker will have access to. This includes access to a data cube consisting of Copernicus data & information limited in geographical area and temporal resolution. The data cube will be relevant and pre-processed for the chosen theme of the hackathon. Other tools include access to trainings, cloud computing & storage via the DIAS platforms (one DIAS per hackathon), and other resources. A full list can be found on the Tools Page of the website.

How do I register to become a mentor?

Register to become a mentor on our website here.

As a mentor, how many hours am I expected to spend communicating with my mentee during the six-month partnership?

The mentoring programme per team consists of 100 hours of mentoring spread over 6 months. These hours are spread across several experts in blocks of 5 hours. It could be that you are engaged more than once in any given mentoring programme.

How are mentoring matches made?

After identifying the start-ups’ objectives and needs, we will reach out to mentor applicants that best fit the team's mentoring needs.

Will I be reimbursed for my time?

Yes, based on provided services, your mentoring services will be reimbursed up to 100 EUR / hour.

Can I be a mentor in multiple editions of the CASSINI Hackathons?

Yes, we would welcome your expertise back to support future winners.

Thanks to our partners

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