CASSINI Hackathon France

Hack with a purpose at the CASSINI Hackathon France on 5-7 Nov 2021!

Leverage #EUSpace data & signals to understand and protect the Arctic region. Put your skills to the test and tackle one of the three challenges under the theme of Connecting the Arctic.

  1. Safe passage at sea
  2. Life on land
  3. Caring for our wildlife
get involved
Get involved

Join the CASSINI Hackathon France in Toulouse and explore how EU Space data could be used to Connect the Arctic and protect its wildlife. This hackathon will be a physical event, so you can join in person!

Teams will be presented with 3 challenges which will test their creative skills and imagination from the very first brainstorm. They will use data from Copernicus, Galileo and EGNOS to imagine game-changing solutions and will win career-changing prizes along the way!


Incubation, mentoring & many more!

The top teams of the CASSINI Hackathon France will receive the following:

1st place 

  • Access to European final e-pitching (10th November)
  • Individual telescope for each team member 
  • Free access to the “Copernicus pre-incubation programme” 
  • Space arctic images for each team member 

2nd place 

  • Tickets to access local space escape game for the whole team (dédale escape game)
  • Access to pre-incubation program Nubbo\1
  • Space arctic images for each team member 

3rd place 

  • Space arctic images for each team member 
  • Access to the technical expertise of ESA BIC Sud France


The top 3 teams across all hackathons will be awarded with an additional +100 hours of expert mentoring. 


Discover the Hackathon with the Big Ideas Campaign

Excited about the upcoming Hackathon? Learn more at our info sessions and workshops that will equip you with all the tools you need to succeed. You’ll also have the chance to meet other hackers who have signed up for the hackathon and form your team!

October 25 Monday
17:00 CEST (Central Hub)
October 26 Tuesday
October 27 Wednesday
17:00 CEST (Central Hub)
18:00 CEST (Central Hub)
About the organiser

Aerospace Valley is one of the biggest European cluster dedicated to aeronautics and space, gathering 809 members from industry and research including amongst others 562 SMEs as well as large corporate groups in aerospace, the major aerospace research establishments, engineering schools and local authorities. Aerospace Valley will be the organizer of Toulouse local edition.

Sponsors / Partners

This hackathon is supported by the following sponsors and partners:


CLS, a subsidiary of CNES and CNP, is a worldwide provider of monitoring and surveillance solutions for Earth.


The CNES is the government agency responsible for shaping and implementing France’s space policy in Europe.


ESA BIC Sud France is a business incubator that promotes startups within the space sector.


InnEO’Space_PhD project is to prepare young researchers for a successful career in Earth Observation.


The Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT) is a joint research unit.


Toulouse Métropole is a public establishment of inter-communal cooperation.

mercator ocean

Mercator Ocean is the centre for ocean analysis and is in charge of implementing the EU ocean monitoring service.


NUBBO is an Incubator firm for tech startups located in Toulouse. It is part of the ESA BIC Sud France incubator network.


AIRBUS is an expert in geo-information and defence solutions that help increase security and optimise mission planning.


OMP is an Observatory of Sciences of the Universe (OSU) and an internal school of the University Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier (UT3).


Kinéis is a satellite operator and a global connectivity provider


ESSP is a company specialized in the operations and provision of satellite-based services for aviation