Cassini Hackathon Slovenia
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    Discover your city

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    Staying fit & healthy

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    Protecting our rural areas

Hack with a purpose from
18-20 June

Leverage #EUSpace data & signals to access, understand and protect our natural spaces. 

Put your skills to the test and tackle one of our three challenges under the theme of
Digitising Green Spaces.

Get involved
Get involved

In Slovenia the CASSINI Hackathon will be organized by Space-SI. The focus of our hackathon is the detection and preservation of green and blue corridors in urban areas that both protect biodiversity and assist urban planning.

Our added bonus? The unique opportunity to work with the first Slovenian microsatellite - Nemo-HD. Participants will be able to see behind the scenes on the design, launch and operation of a satellite.


>1,000 €

Join the CASSINI Hackathon Slovenia to win financial and practical rewards worth more than 1000€ in total.


The top 3 teams across all hackathons will be awarded with an additional +100 hours of expert mentoring. 

The hackathon agenda

In addition to the live stream from the virtual hub, the CASSINI Hackathon Slovenia has dedicated sessions with our local experts. Tune in at any time to listen to panel discussions, training sessions, and much more from both the Slovenian live stream and the virtual hub! Discover our key touch points below:

June 18 Friday
18:00 CEST

Meet & Greet

19:00 CEST

Welcome session

20:00 CEST

Get started at your local hackathon

June 19 Saturday
09:00 CEST

Kickstart session

09:45 CEST

Start to hack morning show

10:40 CEST

Diving into our green spaces

13:30 CEST

The data & challenges collide

14:45 CEST

Discover Galileo & EGNOS

17:00 CEST

Meet the other teams

18:00 CEST

Evening activities

June 20 Sunday
09:00 CEST

Reboot session

09:15 CEST

Copernicus & the CREODIAS

10:00 CEST

Start-ups using EU space technologies

15:00 CEST

Out in space evening show

17:45 CEST

Closing session

About the organiser

Space-SI is the Slovenian Centre of Excellence operating the advanced microsatellite Nemo-HD for Earth observation and RTD infrastructure that includes ground control infrastructure, satellite integration facilities and a laboratory for testing satellite systems and components in simulated space environments.