As a participant, you’ll have access to invaluable tools, training and support throughout the hackathon. We’ll provide everything you need, so you can give your solution everything you’ve got.

Data access
Data access

We want to minimise the time you need to spend processing data. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated data cube for each hackathon. The data cube contains pre-processed Copernicus data and information about a specific geographical region and time period, focusing on the hackathon theme at hand. Find the data cube on the DIAS platform supporting that edition.

Cloud infrastructure
Cloud infrastructure

Access virtual storage and computational resources for the duration of the hackathon. The DIAS platform supporting each hackathon will enable you to discover, manipulate and download Copernicus data and information. You will also have all the processing power and storage you need to hack your way to success.

Code repository
Code repository

Still missing crucial data? We’ve got you covered. Take advantage of our code repository. Hackers are invited to share their code with the CASSINI Hackathon community on the open source platform, Github.


New to hackathons? No problem. We’ve prepared a playbook that will allow you to make the most of your first hackathon experience. Access helpful tips on how to face challenges, where to go if you need support, and what tools you’ll be required to use throughout the event.

On demand trainings

Arrive at the hackathon feeling fully prepared by watching our on-demand training sessions provided by the CASSINI Hackathon experts and partners. Become a specialist on the DIAS platforms, master core business skills, or expand your knowledge – there’s something for everyone.

Big Ideas Campaign Day#1 - Launch Event
Big Idea Campaign Day #1 - Business Model Workshop
Big Ideas Campaign Day #2 - Copernicus & the CREODIAS
Big Ideas Campaign Day #3 - The Data & Challenges Collide
Big Ideas Campaign Day #4 - Discover Galileo & EGNOS
CREODIAS – the European platform for EO data access & processing
Earth Observation data in practice
How to build an efficient platform for big EO data processing
Watching crops grown from space – Sen4CAP on CERODIAS
From an idea to a product – prototyping with CREODIAS
1st CASSINI Hackathon DIAS Platform

The first edition of the CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring are supported by the CREODIAS. 

CREODIAS is an European platform, enabling easy access to Earth observation satellite data and cloud-based environment for its processing. This is one of Copernicus DIAS platforms, built and operated by CloudFerro on behalf of ESA. CREODIAS provides third party users with a wide range of possibilities to create applications and services, both in the field of science and business.

CloudFerro provides cutting-edge cloud services. The company delivers and operates cloud computing platforms for specialised markets, such as the European space sector, climate research and science. CloudFerro has been trusted by leading European entities from various big-data-processing market sectors, including the ESA, EUMETSAT, ECMWF, DLR to name a few